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VOL. 9 NO. 7
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Don't go overboard

Man overboard preparedness

Simplify boat safety

The more you learn about boating, the clearer the message about man overboard preparedness becomes.

It doesn’t take much for someone to go overboard, as my wife learned when she tripped over the seat and almost fell off the boat during a river cleanup.

So here are my recommendations for you: First, whenever you have the motor running, keep the kill switch lanyard attached to you. Next, get a personal locator beacon; they have dropped in price and, together with your GPS, can get you found quickly.

You can do two simple things to improve the recovery of a MOB. First, add at least 20 feet of half-inch poly line to your throw cushion. This will make retrieval much easier. Second, attach a weighted flagpole or Dan Buoy on a short leader to the throw cushion to make it easier for the person in the water to spot.
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