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VOL. 9 NO. 2
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Don't let your boat tip over

Survey says

Could your boat tip over in a blizzard, even if you’ve stored it for the winter? The answer may depend on whether you ignore your boat over the winter lay-up period.

“Some boat owners put the boat away for the winter, and it becomes out of sight, out of mind,” said BoatUS Director of Damage Avoidance Beth Leonard.

To avoid making such a costly mistake and facing an expensive recovery effort, make periodic boat checkups during the winter. If you can’t do it yourself, ask someone else to check your boat and make sure any blocking or jack stands haven’t moved. Leonard says the freeze-thaw cycle can cause blocking to shift, so use chains to secure jack stands to the opposite jack stands.

“Tarp lines that are tied off to a jack stand can pull the stand away from the boat—not a good thing,” Leonard said. Instead, you should run the tarp lines under the hull and secure them to the opposite tarp line. Loose tarps can allow snow and ice to collect in the middle, which can add tremendous weight and tear stanchions out of the deck.

For more tips on winter boat storage, read the “Boat Winter Checklist” at BoatUS.com/boatwinterchecklist.
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