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VOL. 9 NO. 12
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7 winter projects

Save yourself time this spring by doing them now

Battery basics

Getting your boat repaired in the spring and summer can be challenging because most people are clamoring to have work done at that time. But with a little foresight, you can get the services you need now. Here are some common projects boaters should be looking at doing now, before the spring rush.

Engine and prop
Getting your boat’s motor worked on in June is like waiting to buy Billy Joel tickets at the door. Get your mechanic on it now if you have a project in mind. It’s also the time to have the dings taken out of the prop.

Canvas and sails
Canvas and sail lofts are notoriously cyclical businesses, so don’t feel guilty about asking for a discount on winter work. Now is the time to get the new Bimini top made, repair the camper canvas, or get the sail stitched up.

Every boater needs an extra 12-volt outlet at the helm or knows of a corroded wire or two somewhere on the boat that needs fixing. If you want to take on this project yourself, you can find some tips on wiring here.

Paint and varnish
Generally you need warm weather for these projects, but consider taking home hatch boards, tiller handles or wood trim projects and working on them now in a well-ventilated basement or heated garage.

Line splicing
Maybe it’s an extra-long spring line you’ve always wanted or dock lines that will actually fit your boat’s cleats. Curl up by the fire, sing a sea chantey, and start splicing because you will never want to do this in the summer. Find out how to do it here.

Chart and electronics updates
Does your chart plotter use an old chip or are you using the same paper chart you had 10 years ago? Your helm electronics software may also have downloadable updates that make them perform better.

Do a winter tackle box overhaul

You’re never going to want to do this once the fish start biting. Learn how to get your tackle box into shape here.
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