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VOL. 8 NO. 10
Take a class

Watch your step

Don’t slip and fall

Watch your step

Falls are one of the most frequent causes of accidents, even on your boat. Each year in the U.S., more than 300,000 people suffer disabling injuries from falls. To avoid getting hurt, follow these simple steps.

Watch where you walk. Look down often so you don’t trip over something like a tool, rope, shoes or toolbox. If you’re working at night, make sure the area is well-lit.

Wear proper footwear. Make sure your shoes are in good shape and correct for the job. Discard worn-out shoes with smooth soles and other defects. If conditions are wet and slippery, wear non-skid shoes or boots. Avoid leather soles. They have poor traction, especially on smooth surfaces.

Use ladders correctly. Never use broken or defective ladders. Set the angle of the ladder at the proper 4:1 ratio (height-to-width angle). Make sure the ladder is on solid footing and will not move when you climb it. Whenever possible, tie your ladder to your boat to improve stability. Never stand on the top two steps.

Wear shoes with good support. No sandals, high heels or bare feet.

Slow down and use extra caution in bad weather. Get a firm grip on your ladders, rails or handles. Look for obstacles on the ground before exiting.

Don’t climb down a ladder with something in your hand. If it’s too high to reach, have someone hand it down to you.

Don’t jump down. You may land on an uneven surface and fall.

Play it safe to avoid becoming an injury statistic. Remember: Gravity always wins.
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