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VOL. 8 NO. 1
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Transporting your boat

3 steps for a worry-free move

Float on by filing a float plan

How can a boat owner looking to transport a boat over the road avoid possible damage?

1. Use a shipper that specializes in boat transport. Request copies of DOT or state license documents and cargo insurance. You can also check a company's history of inspections, crashes and the status of commercial carriers’ licenses. All transportation agreements should be in writing, with complete information about costs, taxes, tariffs, scheduling, security, and pickup and delivery locations, as well as rules about refunds for cancellations or delays. Avoid using online bidding websites to find transportation providers, as they don’t verify or validate the services offered.

2. Prepare the boat for shipping. Use an experienced prepper, and consider hiring a marine surveyor for the loading and arrival of the boat. Take lots of pictures with the date imprinted, just in case you need to prove your case for compensation.

3. If something does go wrong, document it. Don’t let a trucker depart without acknowledging any damage in writing. This is where more photos can help your case. Call your insurance company immediately if damage is noted.

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