July 2011

Mid-season maintenance

Regular checks ensure smooth sailing

Engine venting

Let the engine exhaust blowers run for 20 to 45 minutes as you pack to leave the boat after a weekend on the water. Removing excess heat from the engine compartment will help prevent equipment damage.

Hose inspection

Squeeze your hoses, feeling for soft, bulging or cracked spots. Check the clamps for corrosion as many stainless steel clamps have inferior grade stainless steel screws that can corrode. Use only 316 stainless steel hose clamps.

Pad placement

Place oil absorption pads under your engine and transmission. Leaks will be easier to see, giving you an early warning of trouble. Absorbent pads also make the engine room easier to keep clean.

AC tune-up

Clean or replace air conditioner filters monthly; clean drain pans and remove debris that could clog the drain line. Watch for changes in water flow. Check sea strainers biweekly and clean as needed. Backflush raw water lines yearly according to manufacturer specifications.

Electrical look-see

Depending on your battery type, check fluid weekly and replenish as needed. Also check battery chargers each week. Once a month, examine battery terminals for corrosion and tighten loose connections.

Bilge inspection

Check the bilge for excess water on a daily basis. Remove oil using an oil absorber or sock. Each week, make sure bilge pump and float switches work as expected. Wash the bilge annually.

To learn more about maintaining your boat, take a USPS course or seminar near you.



Bright orange flotation cushion provides added security on board.

Mastering Marlinespike

Jar sling

Also called the jug sling knot, the jar sling is used to carry bulky objects such as water jugs.


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