March 2011

Mastering marlinespike

Monkey’s fist

When you need to heave a line more than 50 feet, a monkey’s fist will help. To tie this knot, start with 6 feet of 3/8-inch nylon rope.

Monkey's fist

A. Make four turns over two fingers spread far enough apart to allow the bitter end to pass between the fingers.

B. Make four more turns at right angles to the first set of turns, and gently pull the rope off your hand while holding the general shape.

Monkey's fist

C. Insert a 1-inch-diameter steel or lead ball in the loose knot.

D. Make another four turns around the second set of turns, each time bringing the bitter end inside the original set of turns.

E. Pull the knot tight, first slowly and lightly and then more tightly as you reach the last tucks. Use a padded vise for final cubical shaping.

F. End the knot by seizing or splicing the bitter ends together, or you can start the knot with a seized or spliced loop and hide it in the knot along with the metal ball.

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Original materials used with thanks to Irene Rodriguez and John Bennett

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Mastering Marlinespike


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