May 2010

Mastering marlinespike

Sheet bend (for tall piles)

Probably the fastest and best method of joining two lines—especially of unequal diameter—the sheet bend is unlikely to capsize even with a sudden load.

In fact, the greater the load on the knot, the greater the jamming action will be, making this a good knot for towing.

If the knot is being used to extend an anchor rode, the bitter ends should be seized (bound with many wrappings of small stuff) to the working parts.

Sheet bend A.

Tie the sheet bend by forming an open bight near the bitter end of the first line.

Sheet bend B.

Thread the second line up through the loop, around the back of the loop and back under itself. Make sure both bitter ends are on the same side and not diagonally opposite each other, which would weaken the knot.

Sheet bend C.

Pull and shape the knot before applying a load.

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Original materials used with thanks to Irene Rodriguez and John Bennett

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Mastering Marlinespike


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