March 2010

Mastering marlinespike

Round turn with two half hitches

Another basic mariner’s knot, the round turn with two half hitches is simple to tie, easy to learn and holds fast in most situations.

Use it to temporarily fasten a line to a spar, ring or bitt, or in the central hole of a hollow-base cleat.

The round turn starting this knot is better than a simple turn because it resists slipping and distributes contact over two turns rather than one, reducing stress and abrasion on the rope.

Round turn with two half hitches step A.

Take two complete turns around a spar or ring.

Round turn with two half hitches step B.

Apply two half hitches on the working part. (First half hitch)

Round turn with two half hitches step C

(Second half hitch)
After tying, slip the knot tightly against the object. For a more permanent application, seize, or bind together, the bitter end against the working part.

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Original materials used with thanks to Irene Rodriguez and John Bennett

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Mastering Marlinespike


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