introduces new webinar feature

As part of its continued commitment to USPS, introduces webinars, webcast seminars viewable by up to 1,000 participants anywhere in the United States.

Initially presented to teach members how to get the most of the site, the webinars allow members of your squadron or district to view and participate from the convenience of home.

During the webinars, members see tips on how to stay logged in, how to send RSVP Calendar Events and many other helpful hints about using the site. To schedule a webinar for your squadron or district, contact Justin McChesney at

The company eventually expects to expand webinars to support USPS’ educational mission. Seminars could be presented live to 1,000 participants with online questions and answers during the presentation. These seminars could also be recorded and archived for later viewing. also offers support to USPS members with one-on-one “live” troubleshooting classes. If you have problems using the site, e-mail Justin McChesney to schedule a private training session. During the session, you’ll see the mouse cursor move on your screen and hear Justin’s voice as he guides you through the website.

If you haven’t already signed up, go to and click on the “Access” button. Signing up takes less than a minute. Remember, USPS Mailman e-mail lists are being transferred to this platform, so if you don’t join, you won’t receive these important communications.

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