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In three simple steps, you're connected to fellow USPS members and the world.

New partnership sets sail

USPS adopts social network

O n 1 Aug., USPS begins using the social networking site as its standard communications platform. The site will also serve as a digital portal for USPS online courses. USPS members receive free access to the entire website as well as private groups for USPS members only.

Called “Facebook for boaters” by creator and USPS member Randy White, lets members join groups, build friendships, plan itineraries and menus, share local information with other cruisers, keep in touch with friends, and more.

White created as a means for boaters to share local knowledge. “It’s not a travel site; it’s not a restaurant guide; it’s a boating website built by boaters for boaters,” said White.

USPS hopes to have 100 percent member participation. Joining takes less than a minute. To get started, go to the USPS home page, and click the “Access” button. From there, you can enter or download your log-on information from USPS.

You can register as a power boater, sailor, sport fishing enthusiast, or recreational boater and access information specific to your passion.


USPS members will be automatically added to their national, district and squadron groups, and all USPS groups are linked.

Each group has its own website with an event calendar, photo album, forums, member search and more, including the ability to send groupwide notifications. 

Locate your friends and fellow members

Locate your friends with one click.


Like other social networking sites, allows you to create your own community of friends. When you log in, you can see which friends are online, send private messages and chat.

On the interactive map, you can show your location and keep track of friends. Toggle the map to display all members, your friends or only friends within 50 miles.

Education will extend the reach of America’s Boating Course by advertising it on the site at no cost to USPS and allowing the general public to take the course online. is also working with the national Educational Department to offer advanced grade courses online, allowing USPS members the option of learning at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Ask-a-Pro maintains relationships with many seasoned professional mariners who can answer your boating-related questions free of charge.

Find local information on Marigot Bay

Before you go, find local information and photos for places like Marigot Bay, St. Lucia.

Local knowledge

Using the “Destinations” feature, boaters share firsthand experiences and knowledge about anchorages and locales. With a few mouse clicks, you can find reliable information and member-submitted photos of anchorages, marinas, beaches, restaurants, marine services, places to provision, customs clearance and more.

If you’re the first to enter information about a destination, you get to plant the personal flag you created when you signed up. You can also write reviews or update information to help the next boater.

Gourmet Galley

Gourmet Galley is a central repository of boat-friendly recipes. Many charter yacht chefs post their own recipes to the site.

You’ll also find tips and tricks from charter chefs and learn about handy gadgets to have on a boat and where to find hard-to-get food items.

The menu planner feature lets you plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for up to three weeks. The “Shopping List” feature creates an itemized list for the entire menu. You can also print an attractive daily menu for guests.

Other features

You can share photos of your travels and activities using individual and group photo albums. Place classified ads that are searchable by item and location for free up to three months. The site makes it easy to share articles, recipes, destinations and other information with your friends or save them to a personal folder for later reference.

So don’t get left out! Activate your account today, and start sharing what you know.