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The 2009 edition is here

PROLog online & better than ever

The 2009 edition of PROLog, your complete public relations resource manual, is now online.

The latest edition includes enhanced navigation to help you easily find what you’re looking for by page number or thumbnail. You can also print pages or send the entire publication to a friend.

On page four, you’ll find quick links to useful information such as BoatU.S. grants, the 30-second USPS TV public service announcements, U.S. Coast Guard statistics, a talk with public relations expert and former TV reporter Jeff Crilley, the USPS public relations catalog, sample press releases and more.

The 2009 edition features new chapters, including “The Importance of Weekly Newspapers,” “Sea Vester” and more. You’ll also find links to video clips with lessons about putting on a life jacket in the water, spotting a swimmer in a dark life jacket and the right way to put out a fire. For a small fee, you can have high-resolution digital copies sent to you or your local TV station.

Look for more great things from PROLog as we continue to help you promote USPS in your area.

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