USPS teams with Citizen Corps

USPS to help shore up hometown security

Since 9/11, Americans have become more aware of national security and better prepared to respond to national emergencies and other crises.

As the nation’s volunteer “eyes and ears” on the water, USPS members can help make America’s waterways safer and more secure.

At its February 2009 Annual Meeting in Anaheim, Calif., USPS became an affiliate of Citizen Corps, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s alliance of government, community leaders and citizens working toward emergency preparedness.

As a Citizen Corps Affiliate, USPS joins 26 other national organizations in a unified structure of organized preparedness.

Our agreement requires us to

The USPS Government and Partner Relations Committee has developed initial plans to help carry out the Citizen Corps mission and implement the agreement. Click here Adobe PDF icon to read the agreement. Please bookmark the committee’s website, and visit it regularly as plan details unfold.

In the meantime, we urge district and squadron commanders or their homeland security designees to inform local emergency management officials of the affiliate agreement and obtain information about local Citizen Corps activities. Be sure to emphasize USPS members’ unique ability to recognize the vulnerabilities of ports, harbors, marinas and waterways. Commanders also should assess individual member skills, abilities and knowledge, as well as whether they would be willing to join their local Citizen Corps Council.

For more information on the USPS Citizen Corps Affiliate agreement, contact Citizen Corps-USPS liaison Howard Manly or me.