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  • Join 3 intrepid travelers as they row up Ireland’s River Shannon.

  • Marvel at the elaborate 600-year-old Prague Astronomical Clock.

  • Delve into the history of the RMS Caronia.

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Launching a dream

Speaking from experience, John Gage urged 80 Wilmington Power Squadron members to hold onto their dreams.

After 25 years of preparation, Gage was in his 70s before his dream of circumnavigating the world finally came to fruition.

Gage launched his dream at Sandy Hook, N.J., aboard … more »

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Teacher gets schooled during sailboat delivery

Whether you’re showing an old friend how to sail or training your own novice sailing crew, on-the-water training sessions require careful planning … more »

Behind the winning photo

The winning shot in the 2008 Best of USPS photo contest pictured the unfurling of the Star-Spangled Banner during the flag-raising …more »

Around the Horn

On 4 Feb. 2009, we sailed west across the Cape Horn meridian, 67 degrees 16 minutes west longitude, which divides the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. more »

PROLog online and better than ever

The 2009 edition of PROLog, your complete public relations resource manual, is now online.

The latest edition includes enhanced navigation to help you easily find what you’re looking for by page number or thumbnail. more »

Fliers, brochures promote USPS seminars

Promoting your squadron’s USPS seminars—and increasing revenue—just got easier. Brochures and fliers promoting each of the 15 USPS seminars are now available for squadrons to download and customize. Get them here.

USPS to help shore up hometown security

Since 9/11, Americans have become more aware of national security and better prepared to respond to national emergencies and other crises. As the nation’s volunteer “eyes and ears” on the water, USPS members can help make … more »