Online signup speeds process

Sign up new members online

In addition to mailing or faxing new-member information to headquarters, you can speed the process along by entering the information online. Here’s how it works:

First, go to the USPS home page, click “Member Stuff” and “New Member Processing.”

Log in using your squadron’s account code, your password (user or updater), and your certificate number.

Next, you have the option of entering new members (and their additional active or family members) into the system or adding new additional active or family members to the records of existing members. If you’re adding a family member or spouse to an existing member’s record, choose “Add Additional Records to Active Member.” Otherwise, select “Add New Member Records.”

Don’t forget to fill out the personal skills section and to indicate what, if any, boating course the new member passed. When you’re done, click the “Add” button. (If you don’t click “Add,” no information will be saved.) You’ll see a confirmation when the information has been submitted.

It’s that simple. After headquarters finishes processing the new members, they will be included in the next DB2000 download and new member packets will be mailed to them. Don’t forget to rush the new-member information to those squadron members who need it, like your squadron secretary, newsletter editor and phone committee.