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The Ensign

The racing ropes

As my friend Charlie and I walk along the dock in Oriental, N.C., on a sunny Saturday morning, we see white sails in the distance slip smoothly over blue water reflecting sapphire skies and puffy white clouds.

We pass a 42-foot luxury catamaran, a sleek 26-foot sloop and a new 44-foot cat before stopping … more »

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Ready your boat for winter

How you prepare your boat for winter will depend on its age, hull type, superstructure and usage. Consult your boat and equipment … more »

Be good to your batteries

Next to the grating sound of your prop trying to chew a channel in a hard bottom, nothing is quite as sobering as the silence following … more »

Squadron supplies safety during race

Each year in northwest Washington’s Whatcom County, Memorial Day weekend is the scene of the Ski to Sea race.more »

PR handbook gets online makeover

The latest edition of PRO•LOG, the USPS PR & Marketing Log Book, is now online. Full of innovative ideas, this flash-based handbook puts virtually everything your squadron needs to produce a successful public relations and marketing campaign at your fingertips.more »

Scouting out a leader

After joining Fort Vancouver Sail & Power Squadron in 2003 as an apprentice member from Sea Scout Ship 202 Déjà vu, Josh Green moved through the chairs of squadron leadership and was elected squadron commander in 2008.more »

Sign up new members online

In addition to mailing or faxing new-member information to headquarters, you can speed the process along by entering the information online. Here’s how it works: First, go to the USPS home page, click “Member Stuff” and “New Member … more »