Leadership workshops build
a bright future

Faced with the faltering economy, instantaneous communications and generational differences, USPS is taking steps to adapt to changing times and reemerge as a growing, vibrant and more relevant boating group.

Plans under way in the Educational Department and the Membership, Planning and Marketing committees will give us solid footing to meet the challenges of the coming years. However, USPS will need a cadre of skilled leaders to successfully implement these plans and programs.

The national Planning Committee, with input from the Leadership Development Committee, has developed a professional-level Leadership Development Workshop to train leaders at all levels of our organization in the art of leadership. Based on the best contemporary concepts drawn from a number of highly regarded academic and corporate sources, the material is equally applicable to for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Last September and October, nearly 60 members attended regional district workshops in Atlanta; Chicago; Hartford, Conn.; San Francisco; and Baltimore. The workshops and materials were provided through a Century Fund grant. Attendees were invited by their district commanders based upon their knowledge, enthusiasm, motivation and willingness to implement the LDW in their respective districts. Some participants have already begun presenting the workshops to squadrons within their districts.

The Planning Committee commends the following regional workshop attendees, who will receive Certificates of Achievement at their fall conferences. Contact your local LDW trainer or your district commander for information on attending a workshop.

District LDW Trainer Squadron
1 Christine A. Downey New Britain
1 Sandra W. Pierog Manchester
2 Susan L. Darcy Berkshire
2 Frank J. DeBaggis Berkshire
2 Carl E. Filios Berkshire
2 George R. Hallenbeck Stamford
4 Kathleen E. Bisogno Raritan Bay
4 Florence E. Smith Staten Island
5 Arlene M. Anderson Hampton Roads
5 James L. Heckman Pennsway
5 Gary K. Kirts Hampton Roads
5 William J. McManimen III Pennsway
5 Robert R. Palmer Richmond
6 Scott Wallace Niagara
9* Robert Landeros Kalamazoo
9 Jerry J. Williams Grand Traverse Bay
10 Kristine L. Harmon Hiawatha Valley
10 Jeffrey H. Schott Minnetonka
11 Gary P. Cheney Erie
11 James D. Richlak Painesville
13 Kenneth J. Boyd Costa de Oro
14* Arthur F. Kimber Cape Cod
14 David A. True Mattapoisett
16 Steve D. Erickson Seattle
17 Joseph J. Blass Chattanooga
17 John R. DiPrima Chattanooga
17 R. Herman Green Chattanooga
17 Carol Jordan Atlanta
17 Debbie J. Miller Huntsville
17 John D. Miller Hunstville
17 Ben Owen Atlanta
17 Janis H. Owen Atlanta
17 Margaret M. Sherrod Atlanta
17 Chris M. Whitacre Huntsville
17 Jeffrey D. Wise Atlanta
18 Edward W. Libby Beverly
19 Lee R. Chasse Portsmouth
20 Dennis R. McNamara Chicago
21 Jean L. Hamilton Houston
21 Scott D. McDonald Houston
22 L. Margaret Barber Sarasota
22 Robert D. Barber Sarasota
24 James E. Mattingly Bluegrass
26 Wilford H. Ross Jr. Tybee Light
26 Leon F. Wilber Tybee Light
27* U. Glenn Daughtridge Rocky Mount
28 Edwin E.J. Mraz San Diego
29 Samuel A. Woodruff Jr. Columbus
30 Edward P. Bialecke St. Louis
30 Rosemary Bialecke St. Louis
30 Kenneth A. Danley Des Moines
31 Bruce A. Albertson Oklahoma City
31 Marilyn B. Rose Tulsa
32 Kathleen A. Kolstad Fort Vancouver
32* Herbert S. Shaw Beaverton
32 Phyllis C. Sines Fort Vancouver

* regional workshop presenters