The author's boat gets a ride to the boatyard.

The author's boat gets a ride to the boatyard.

lessons from the boatyard

The haul out

Within months of buying our first boat, a 1981 Cooper Pilothouse 353, the through-hull valve for our toilet discharge broke in the closed position, making the toilet unusable. The valve sits below the waterline, so it was time for our first haul out.

I wanted a boatyard that would allow me to do my own work, and a fellow boater recommended Jack’s Boat Yard in Lund, British Columbia. It was close to our home, so I arranged to have our boat hauled for a couple of days.

On the hard

After our boat was out of the water, I discovered that the epoxy coving between the steel keel and fiberglass bottom had delaminated, the prop was partially eaten away by electrolysis, and the bottom was long overdue for a paint job. A couple of days turned into a couple of weeks, during which I learned the following tips:

Spending two weeks in the yard working on my boat proved to be a great learning experience. I found that on land, just as on water, most boaters are helpful and willing to share their knowledge and experience with novices like me. A special thanks to the boaters and friendly folks at Jack’s Boat Yard for their advice and assistance.