Include USPS in your estate plan

Make your money last

Many of us have spent decades enjoying USPS activities, attending classes, squadron social and on-the-water events, and spending time with boating friends. Our membership provides a wonderful respite from the daily grind, leaving us refreshed as we provide for our families and our financial security.

Wouldn’t you like to ensure that the organization that has given you so much pleasure over the years will be around to help save lives in your children and grandchildren’s days?

By including USPS in your estate plan, you can do just that. For more information on how you can help ensure the future for this valuable organization, visit the USPS Planned Giving Web page.

USPS is a 501(c)(3) organization, so gifts are considered charitable deductions (with some limitations). For general information about estate gifts, you or your estate planner may contact Alfred A. Volkmann at 3 Pal Court, Shoreham, NY 11786, by phone at 631-929-0900, or by e-mail.

If you have already included USPS in your estate plan or are considering doing so, we would like to know. No need to divulge amounts or percentages—just the knowledge of your participation is enough feedback to keep the committee strong. So please let me know if you have made plans to help keep USPS strong in the future. Contact me at 4715 Cobb Drive, San Diego, CA 92117, home 858-483-9688, cell 619-888-2438.