USPS members teach boating safety to BoatU.S. employees

Gale Alls, Richard Durgin and John Shivik teach boating to BoatU.S. employees.

Educational initiative

Lunch and learn

If your squadron is searching for ways to increase community involvement and membership, partnering with local businesses could be the answer. Many companies offer education opportunities for employees during and after work hours. If there’s sufficient interest, your squadron could teach a USPS boating course to a local company’s employees.

For many years, Northern Virginia Sail & Power Squadron has collaborated with BoatU.S. to provide the USPS boating course to its employees, many of whom have no boating experience. BoatU.S. advertises the course through employee communiqués, provides a training room and pays for the course. NVSPS provides the course materials and certified instructors who teach the class during an extended lunch hour. Course graduates are invited to join NVSPS, which holds its monthly meetings at BoatU.S. It’s a win-win partnership.

As more states enact education requirements for all boaters, the demand for courses will increase. Making it easier for boaters to receive training will make our waterways safer.

And what could be easier than a class on your lunch hour? A phone call to the human resources department of nearby companies may be the beginning of a strong partnership between your squadron and local businesses.