About 20 smiling Vero Beach Power Squadron members posing with care packages for soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan

Vero Beach Squadron members prepare care packages for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Squadron sends thanks to soldiers

Last fall, Vero Beach Power Squadron members shipped care packages to men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The packages included tissues, canned food, games, books, magazines, candy, toiletries, phone cards, pens, pencils, paper and note cards as well as the sender’s name and address.

We received four names and addresses of people who would distribute the packages to the soldiers. The post office sent free boxes and custom forms to get us started.

Ed and Shirley Carr typed out mailing labels and affixed them to the boxes, and members took the boxes home to fill them. Before sealing the boxes, we inserted a postcard from the squadron made by Ed Dreher.

On 14 Nov., squadron members delivered 66 boxes to the post office. Ed Dreher, Jack Kruiten and Bill Heimbaugh unloaded the boxes, which took three postal workers an hour to process.

We would like to thank everyone who helped with this project. As of this writing, the squadron has received 12 responses from Iraq all echoing the same sentiment, “Thanks for thinking of us.” The squadron hopes to repeat this project in a few months.