USPS Meeting Abstracts

Thursday, 21 Feb.

0800-1700 Planning Committee [Closed]
Location: Crockett

Attempting to stay ahead of the ever-changing world of boating, the Planning Committee continuously seeks to support our members in fulfilling the USPS Strategic Plan and its Mission and Vision. Major studies this year focused on member recruitment and retention, a new business model, fundraising and squadron-at-risk problems.

If you would like to join our discussions or have a concern you’d like the Planning Committee to address, please attend our open meeting sessions on Thursday, 21 Feb., and Friday, 22 Feb., from 1400 to 1500. To learn more about effective planning, take a look at the Strategic Plan and the Planning Committee Manual.

1300-1700 Flag and Etiquette Committee
Location: Cherokee

The Flag and Etiquette Committee will give a presentation called “Keepers of the Gate to Tradition and Excellence.” We will cover the areas of responsibility to the Operations Manual Committee, the focus of the committee on proper flying of flags and burgees, vexillology, traditions and changes for the present.

1300-1700 Government and Partner Relations Committee [Closed]
Location: Cotton Bowl

The following topics will be discussed at the meeting:

The Government and Partner Relations Committee contributed to the Strategic Plan recommended by the National Boating Safety Advisory Council. USPS and other major boating organizations officially agreed to its provisions at the International Boating and Water Safety Summit in San Antonio last March.

P/V/C James E. Roeber, SN, has been coordinating and finalizing various memorandums of understanding. At the 2007 Annual Meeting, an MOU was signed with the Marine Retailers Association of America, and additional MOUs with Weems & Plath and the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation are scheduled to be signed during the 2008 Annual Meeting. To encourage greater awareness and compliance with MOUs, NGPRCom prompted the recent listing of Safe Boating Partners on the USPS homepage.

NGPRCom continues to track and act on major boating activities, such as the much-publicized ballast water issue. A number of state affairs, such as the Marco Island anchoring ordinance decision in Florida, are also monitored. Separate listings for district liaison and homeland security officers have been added to the 2008 National Directory, and an update of the Liaison Manual to incorporate homeland security references is under way. NGPRCom also coordinated a national online USPS awareness blitz for National Preparedness Month in September.

In midyear, the committee was pleased to announce the approval of a new assistant chairman, Stf/C Richard E. Gercak, AP, of Fort Walton Beach, Fla. A short time later he was coordinating a Contact Your Legislators campaign on behalf of mandatory boating education in Florida at the request of Florida boating law administrator Capt. Richard Moore.

Under the stewardship of D/Lt Verna L. Clayton, P, and Stf/C Gregory E. Korstad, AP, NGPRCom is exploring ways to encourage more proactive legislative involvement among all USPS members while making our USPS lobbying policy more user-friendly for USPS members. To better familiarize USPS members with the Government and Partner Relations Committee and its activities, Lt/C Lynne Warren Reynolds, AP, and her team of NGPRCom members designed and manned the first-ever NGPRCom Expo booth at the Norfolk, Va., Governing Board Meeting.

At the outset of the summer, the NGPRCom chairman attended the National Watch Groups Summit, the Citizen Corps Annual Meeting and the USCG/DHS Small Vessel Security Conference. In November, NGPRCom coordinated arrangements with the Marketing and Public Relations Committee to have USPS represented at the annual meeting of the Marine Retailers Association of America in Las Vegas.

1400-1500 National Planning Committee [Open]
Location: Crockett

To stay ahead of the ever-changing world of boating, the Planning Committee studies current and future areas deemed important to the membership. We are committed to fulfilling the USPS Strategic Plan, its Mission and its Vision. Major studies this year focused on member recruitment and retention, a new business model, fundraising and squadron-at-risk problems. The above topics will be discussed at our meetings, and we hope to see you there. To learn more about effective planning, take a look at the Strategic Plan and the Planning Committee Manual.

1400-1700 Leadership Development Committee [Open]
Location: Parlor 353

The Leadership Development Committee has once again opened its traditionally closed meeting to all members. We welcome and need your input, comments, suggestions and criticism to give this committee guidance.

We have been at work this past year, and you will hear all about our works in progress in updating and upgrading the Operations Training Manual, modules 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Job Descriptions Guide is nearing completion and will be ready for a critique. We will be discussing the new District and Squadron Officers Calendars, which have the Officers’ Guide embedded.

A new CD, “Leading the USPS into the Future,” was distributed to all district commanders during or shortly after the Norfolk, Va., Governing Board Meeting, and we need feedback! Currently we are developing a short presentation discussing the “Y? Generation.” This is the time to make your voice heard concerning the operation and leadership of your organization.


Friday, 22 Feb.

0800-0900 Membership Committee Meeting [Open]
Location: Reunion A and B

The theme is USPS4YOU … S(ave) O(ur) S(quadrons) = SOS. Each MemCom staff commander will present programs on successful strategies for recruiting, retention, youth activities and community outreach. The meeting will be a workshop where presenters will actively engage attendees in the outcome.

0900-1200 Public Relations and Marketing [Closed]
Location: Reunion C

The following speakers will be presenting at the meeting:

Scott Wysong is an associate professor of marketing and the academic director of the Sports and Entertainment management program at the University of Dallas. Wysong holds an MBA and Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Vanderbilt University. He specializes in consumer behavior and has presented research at several national conferences including the American Marketing Association, International Association of Assembly Managers and International Conference on Sports and Entertainment Business. He is also an expert on how to market to specific generations.

Jeff Crilley is an Emmy-winning Dallas TV reporter and author of the book Free Publicity. He believes in combining learning with laughter, and his charismatic speaking style lends itself perfectly to this fun, interactive and information-packed talk. Takeaways include how to come up with stories the media will love, the best and worst times for news coverage, how to keep your press releases from getting thrown away, how to become the expert in your field, how to handle negative news and how to keep reporters coming back for more.

Joy Koch McPeters is the founder, chief executive and editor-in-chief of Marinalife LLC. Based in Baltimore, Marinalife provides the first centralized marina reservation service for the marine industry and a membership program for boaters covering the U.S., Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean and Central America. McPeters founded Marinalife because as a boat owner and cruiser, she understands firsthand the difficulty of finding the right marina and reserving dockage. Marinalife, a leader in online travel services, provides the boating community with the most extensive Web directory of marina information. With the enormous success of this website, USPS has a great opportunity to publicize our many courses and seminars, many of which could be provided at marinas during the height of the boating season. McPeters will speak for a half-hour.

Bill Prince, publisher and editor-in-chief of Classic Yacht Magazine, will demonstrate the new edition of PRO•LOG software, which allows the viewer to turn pages quickly, enlarge pages, listen to streaming video and more.

Also speaking are Denise Samu on Cooperative Advertising, Greg Scotten on marketing and public relations strategies, Bill Smith on creating a Web cam for your squadron, Tom Kemp on internal marketing and others.

1400-1700 Historian Committee
Location: Cumberland Hall C

Bring your computer loaded with DB2000 and your squadron roster, and we will teach you how to use our new history report-filing programs.