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Final Race
Offers Solace

It was a total loss. The house where we had raised our daughter Steffani and had called home for so many years was consumed by the California wildfires. All that remained was the foundation and the tall chimney, standing like a gravestone in the ashes.more»

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Getting the most out of a plastic sextant

Although plastic sextants are cheaper, less susceptible to corrosion and more durable than precision metal sextants, their precision ...more»

Rescue 21 expands reach

This spring, the New York area joins the U.S. Coast Guard’s Rescue 21 system, which is part of the Global Marine Distress and Safety System.more»

Boating statistics show increase for second straight year

According to recently released U.S. Coast Guard Boating Statistics for 2006, boating accidents resulted in 710 deaths, ...more»

Poster contest paints picture of boating safety

The 2006-2007 Boarman USPS National Youth Poster Contest was a huge success with an approximate 20 percent increase in submissions over the previous year. A generous donation from Woody Boarman allowed us to expand the program ...more»

Nav tools online

The latest version of the computer program “Celestial Tools for the USPS JN/N Student, V1.5.0,” is now available on the Offshore Navigation Committee’s website along with several other useful tools, including the Navigational Triangle Program, an LHA calculator and a plotting tool.

Squadron sends thanks to soldiers

Last fall, Vero Beach Power Squadron members shipped care packages to men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The packages included tissues, canned food, games, books, magazines, candy, toiletries, phone cards, pens, ...more»