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To increase attendance at meetings, every squadron should include an inducement such as a special presentation by a member or guest. The USPS Squadron Activities Committee has created a Speaker’s Bureau to provide you with this helpful list of talent.

If your squadron has heard an exceptional guest speaker recently, we encourage you to register the presenter with the Speaker’s Bureau. Some frequently asked questions about using the Speaker’s Bureau can be found here. –Bob Schloeman

Q:    Will listing with the Speaker’s Bureau obligate the presenter to respond to all requests?

A:    No. Registration places no obligation on speakers. Speakers indicate how far they are willing to travel as well as the days and times they might be available.

Q:    Do presenters provide their programs at no cost?

A:    No. Presentation expenses are negotiated by the squadron or district and the presenter.  It is up to the presenter to request reimbursement for expenses.

Q:   Will the squadron or district provide all special equipment for the presenter?

A:    No. The presenter will indicate what special equipment, such as video projectors, screens and audio equipment, may be required and supplied by the squadron or district for the presentation.

Q:    Are only USPS members eligible to be listed as presenters?

A:    No. Presenter listings are only limited by the presenter’s approval. However, only USPS members may submit a presenter for registration. Registrations have no time limit and can only be withdrawn by a request from the presenter or a USPS member.

Q:    Is presenter information available to the general public?

A:    No. To preserve the presenter’s privacy, Speaker’s Bureau listings are available on a USPS member-only website and are not shared with outside organizations.

Q:    Will presentations only be listed if they can be categorized by the given topics?

A:    Yes and no. We don’t plan to add more topics beyond the five currently in use—General, Boating, Navigation, Communications and History—unless the General topic becomes too cluttered to navigate.

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