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Safety mascot attracts crowds

District 5 members have extended the service arm of their USPS triangle by reaching out to children and parents at local boat shows with the Sea Vester boating safety program.

Sea Vester is a fully interactive robotic bird who can wink, blink and turn his head while teaching youngsters about the importance of water safety. District 5 purchased Sea Vester and his PWC for approximately $10,000. The Events Trailer—used to display USCG-required safety equipment and provide a central location for discussions between parents and squadron members—totaled $13,000, including the cost of labor, materials and lighting.

Seavester's event trailerWhile Sea Vester and the Events Trailer are effective teaching tools by themselves, together they have proven to be a successful investment for the district. Thus far, thousands of people have been introduced to them, allowing squadron members to network with nonmembers while promoting boating safety.

If your district would like to teach local boaters—young and old—about boating safety by purchasing a Sea Vester and Events Trailer, please contact Paul Schwen of Robotronics at 801-489-4466. To ensure the success of your program, you will need a dedicated team of volunteers to manage Sea Vester and the Events Trailer. For more information, contact Drex Bradshaw or Brian Becker.

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