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Boost meeting attendance

Many USPS members have been voicing the same concern: How do we increase squadron meeting attendance?

First, initiate exceptional program planning. Consider appointing a program committee to locate speakers who specialize in subjects that appeal to your members. Many companies and organizations are eager to demonstrate their wares or share valuable knowledge with interested audiences. Start your search with the USPS Speaker’s Bureau.

Click here for some questions and answers about the USPS Speaker's Bureau.

Second, plan and advertise your meeting well before the program date. By marketing your meeting early, you will increase attendance by arousing members’ curiosity.

Third, offer different types of programs throughout the year. Variety in your programming ensures members will enthusiastically anticipate and enjoy each meeting. Member satisfaction could increase squadron membership through positive word of mouth.

Good programming is the lifeblood of every squadron. As you work with your program committee, you will begin to see the rewards of thoughtfully planned, original programming. Attendance will soar, membership will broaden, and your members will become increasingly involved with the squadron. –Charles A. Vaughn

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