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When we launched the new USPS website almost a year ago, we asked for your feedback, and 500 e-mails poured in. Since then, we’ve used your suggestions to update and improve the site. Here’s a roundup of the changes.

A major design change involved eliminating the site’s “members” page. Most pages are now open to the public, although some are still restricted to members.

The site index now contains the same links as the members page of old, so go ahead and bookmark this new link.

With hundreds of pages on the USPS website and that number growing daily, we’ve added a “What’s New?” dropdown list on the home page to announce new and updated pages. Links submitted to the USPS webmaster for inclusion on this list will appear for one week before dropping off.

Even with the site index and the “How Do I …?” pages, squadron officers (especially new ones) spend considerable time searching for information they need to do their job. To reduce their search time, we’ve added a Squadron Officers Guide, which contains links to commonly referenced pages. If you’re a squadron officer, bookmark it now by right clicking on the link above.

With so many exciting developments within USPS, we need to tell boaters how we help them and how much fun we have. In that vein, Austin Power Squadron has produced a webcast highlighting squadron activities that you can check out on the USPS News page.

You can send your squadron's news to with the article’s title in the subject line. If you have photos, attach them to the message and copy

If a member of your squadron has written an interesting article, you can share it with other squadrons with the author’s permission via the Editor’s Resource page. It’s as easy as sending an e-mail.

As a volunteer organization, USPS always needs people to share their time and talents. To connect volunteers with those needing help, we’ve added a Help Wanted page. Check it out. You may have just the skills we need. —Dave Hinders, webmaster

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