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Barbecue season skewers wedded bliss

Summer, the season of boating and barbecues, has finally arrived. For one Minnetonka Power Squadron couple, a typical grilling-out experience goes something like this:

Before the guests arrive, Nancy—who, incidentally, is not the designated cook—has already gone grocery shopping.

The night of the big event, she makes the salad, prepares the vegetables and meat, and gets out the dessert in a galley the size of a telephone booth.

Balancing the meat on a tray with the cooking utensils and sauces, she lugs it off the boat, down the dock and over to the grill, where Jeff, beverage in hand, is deep in conversation with another cook.

Here comes the night’s first crowning achievement: Jeff places the meat on the grill.

Nancy trudges back to the galley to pack up the plates, salad, bread, utensils, napkins and dessert. She then carries her burden down the dock and over to a table.

Smelling smoke, she hurries over to tell Jeff that the meat is burning. Jeff thanks her and asks for another beverage while he deals with the grill.

Nancy returns to the boat to get the drinks, which she was unable to carry on the previous trip. She hands Jeff a drink and sets the table for dinner.

Another crucial moment arrives: Jeff takes the meat off the grill and brings it to the table.

After eating, Nancy clears the table, carries everything back to the boat and washes the dishes in a sink the size of a teacup.

An hour later, having served as bartender, prep cook, waitress, bus girl, dishwasher and galley slave, an exhausted Nancy returns to the table. Everyone is still praising Jeff’s cooking skills.

Preparing for bed late that night, Jeff asks Nancy how she enjoyed her night off from cooking. Shortly thereafter, a surprised and confused Jeff unrolls his sleeping bag on the dock. As he falls asleep, he concludes that there’s just no pleasing some people. –Nancy R. Sullivan

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