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All About the Octopus

An octopus swims in the ocean.

Do you know how many arms an octopus has?
The arms are called tentacles. Each tentacle has small suction cups on its underside. The octopus uses the cups to move and catch food.

Most octopi have a body the size of a fist, but some are as long as 28 feet from tip to tip. An octopus moves through the water by drawing air into its body and then thrusting it out through a small hole under its head.

True or False (Answers are at the bottom of the page.)

  1. An octopus has 10 arms.

  2. The arms are called octopi.

  3. The octopus uses suction cups on its arms to catch food.

  4. An octopus can be as long as 28 feet from tip to tip.

  5. An octopus moves through water by using its arms to swim.
Octopus Activities for Kids

Be an Octopus

Practice picking up a variety of objects using suction cups.

Octopus Puppets

Glue 8 streamers around a small paper plate. Use a crayon to add an eye. 

Answers:  1. F   2. F   3. T   4. T   5. F


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