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USPS to offer MMSIs

In late summer, a new USPS website will begin issuing Maritime Mobile Service Identities free to qualifying U.S. boaters.

Still under construction, the website will allow U.S. boaters whose vessels are not required to carry Federal Communications Commission ship station licenses to sign up for an MMSI, a unique identifying code included in digital selective calling-equipped marine radio transmissions.

Similar to a telephone number, an MMSI can be used for routine hailing as well as automated distress calling, which could offer a lifesaving edge by transmitting the caller’s identity, location and the time of the call at the touch of a button.

One of just a handful of authorized MMSI providers for U.S. recreational boaters, the USPS site will include a comprehensive explanation of MMSIs and provide links to other USPS and external sites.

Spread the word about this new USPS service to others in your community, including your local fire and rescue units. –Gene A. Danko

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