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When you visit Norfolk, Va., for the 2007 Governing Board Meeting from 5 to 9 Sept., be sure to take in Expo 2007, a mingling of minds designed to promote innovation.

Held on Friday, 7 Sept., from 0900-1500, Expo is where you’ll meet with USPS national committee members to discuss your squadron or district’s ideas, successes and needs. You’ll also meet USPS partners from government agencies, boating safety organizations and the greater boating community.

Experience Expo, and you’ll return home with many new ideas for your squadron and district.

Note: Rear commanders who wish to reserve an Expo booth should click here. USPS partners or vendors wishing to take part in Expo 2007 should click here.

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VIP seminars

Thanks to our government and boating industry partners, local experts and fellow members, you’ll have lots of choices during the VIP presentations on Thursday and Friday, 6–7 Sept., from 0900–1500.

Here are just a few of the scheduled presentations. Look for a full schedule in the next issue of Compass.

Drex Bradshaw introduces you to Water Smart from the Start, a project that reaches out to children and young adults by providing proven educational resources to teachers, leaders, guides and the boating community.

In What it’s like to be a Riverboat Captain, John C. Farmer describes the boats he’s captained and towboats he’s seen along the way.

John C. Farmer details The Anatomy of the Riverboat Past and Present with a pictorial description of riverboats from pilothouse to engine room.

Robert B. Fish explains the logistics of River Cruising on the Ohio River and nearby inland lakes.

If you’ve been thinking of building your own boat, Dale Hamilton’s Building Boats seminar just might persuade you to actually do it.

Jean Hamilton’s Global Warming ... the Day After PowerPoint presentation discusses junk science, computer modeling, forecasting and climate drivers from a geosciences perspective.

Bernard S. Karpers teaches you everything you need to know about Fishing for Striped Bass on the Chesapeake Bay, from the fish’s life cycle to fishing methods and what USPS courses will help anglers go after their prey in poor boating conditions.

If you’re interested in reviving squadron interest in on-the-water activities, attend Bernard S. Karpers’ Top Gun Cruisers ... a Program for Membership Recruitment & Involvement seminar. Learn how to involve all age groups, recruit new boaters and use educational waivers to your squadron’s advantage.

Gary K. Kirts’ seminar alleviates fears about using and participating in Parliamentary Procedures.

Raphael A. Kozolchyk, manager of Federal Government Affairs for the Personal Watercraft Industry Association, explains How the PWIA is a Leader in Promoting Boating Safety.

Certified yoga instructor Patsy Stierna teaches Yoga for Boaters and demonstrates the postures you can do on board to stay in shape.

In Why Weight, Dr. Sandy Landsman explains an exciting weight loss program that highlights the proven, practical ways to let pounds melt away with hypnosis.

Frank Taylor details the Ins and Outs of the Panama Canal.

Tony DiFilippo, president and CEO of the Norfolk Convention and Visitors Bureau, gives us An Overview of the Sights and Sounds of Norfolk.

Jeffrey N. Hoedt, chief of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Office of Boating Safety, details The U.S. Coast Guard’s Strategic Plan for Safety and Maritime Security as well as boating population trends.

In Producing Video Presentations for Squadrons, William E. Smith teaches basic video production concepts from shooting to editing and delivering the final product. He touches on equipment requirements and creative ideas and covers videos of his squadron’s events.

Glen Sherman teaches you how to run The Onboard Office. You’ll learn what services and capabilities you need for the type of work you do and how to run an efficient office and business while living aboard.

Ron and Eva Stob detail Cruising America’s Great Loop, from what type of boat you need to bridge clearances, recommended routes, guidebooks and other information.

Weems & Plath president Peter Trogdon covers Navigation Tools Past, Present and Future. After mapping the history of basic chart navigation tools, he discusses which navigation tools are right for you, demonstrates new products, and provides free charts and samples for you to take home.

Charles Tulip shows A Unique Way to Plan Your District’s Change of Watch, using ideas culled from USPS districts.

In Coastal Boating for Inland Squadrons, Jeff Wise tells how an inland squadron can plan and execute trips to the coast even when many members’ boats are too big to trailer.

Kathryn Novak, of the Ocean Conservancy, discusses Easy Things Boaters Can Do to Minimize Their Harmful Impacts on the Environment.

In Sea Scouting and USPS, Raymond Paul explains how your squadron can become involved with the Sea Scouts with a presentation on District 20's involvement with a Sea Scout ship.

Wondering What’s New from the Ship’s Store? Well, Louise Rea will show you with a fun fashion presentation. You'll also learn how to make money by presenting your own Ship’s Store at your next district conference.

Why Should I Consider Amateur Radio for My Boat? That's the question Katie Breen, of the American Radio Relay League, and Donald Stark, of USPS, will answer. They'll also discuss how to obtain an amateur radio license and how to use amateur radio onboard.

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