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It's Turtle Time!

Loggerhead Turtle

Baby sea turtles hatch from eggs and make their way to the sea. Along the way, they face many perils, including crabs, birds and people.

As an endangered species, sea turtles are in immediate danger of extinction. Write a letter asking how you can help protect sea turtles:

The Ocean Conservancy
2029 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Turtle Activities for Kids

Make a turtle puppet

1 paper bowl
green paint
green construction paper

1. Paint the bowl green like a turtle shell.

2. Using green construction paper and scissors, cut out four rectangular shapes for legs, one small oval for a tail and one large oval for a head.

3. Glue the legs, tail and head to the green bowl.

Have a turtle race with friends

Move like turtles by carrying a box on your backs.

Go to for more fun activities.

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