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2006 USPS Vessel Safety Check Awards

In 2006, USPS vessel examiners performed 30,461 vessel safety checks. For their dedication and service, the VSC Committee awards the following squadrons and individuals national honors.

Top districts

1st place D/23
2nd place D/1
3rd place D/9
4th place D/3
5th place D/7


Top squadrons

1st place Jones Beach
2nd place Saybrook
3rd place Titusville
4th place Detroit
5th place Lakes Region


Millennium Club
1,000+ total VSCs

Robert D. Holub (5th yr)
John R. Robinson (2nd yr)


Century Club
100 VSCs in a single year

Karen Marie Andros (3rd yr) 114
Robert A. Ball (4th yr) 100
Matthew W. Bandilla (4th yr) 119
Marjorie Baraff (4th yr) 110
Virgil L. Boyt (5th yr) 105
Bobby J. Bray 101
Kenneth Campbell (2nd yr) 136
Donald Clark 154
James W. Cooke Jr. (3rd yr) 124
Tish J. Cullen (5th yr) 207
Diane Michele Dawes 336
Catherine Early (2nd yr) 116
Mitchell Gawrysiak 137
Angelo V. Giovanniello 108
William Robert Graham 323
Nigel E. Hargreaves 126
Wesley S. Heusser 166
Robert D. Holub (5th yr) 1,200
J. Duggan Jordan Jr. 138
Arthur F. Kimber 102
Dennis D. Ladd (3rd yr) 106
Joseph F. Leitz (6th yr) 140
Robert E. Mosey (4th yr) 122
Mary Kathryn Nesser (3rd yr) 110
Kimberly O’Gorman (4th yr) 128
Jonathan H. Phaler  105
Peter J. Porrazzo (4th yr) 278
Juan Rivera (4th yr) 156
John R. Robinson (4th yr) 1,101
Thomas T. Roscoe (2nd yr) 117
Thomas F. Rossini (4th yr) 142
Ralph Sangataldo 113
Viki L. Sharp 125
Marshall R. Shear (2nd yr)  170
Michael A. Siwek (3rd yr) 105
Lawrence G. Stoll (3rd yr) 116
Milton B. Whann (2nd yr) 216
Donald L. Wilson (4th yr) 104
John G. Worssam 106

Vessel Safety Check
Squadron Honor Roll

Criteria: The squadron must have at least 10 percent of its members certified as vessel examiners and perform enough VSCs to equal or exceed its membership.

D/2 Sacandaga

D/5 Bush River, Delsea, Hampton Roads, Kent Narrows, Mid-Potomac, Nansemond River, Northern Neck, Ocean City, Virginia Beach

D/6 Hamburg, Iroquois, Ithaca

D/7 South Hills

D/9 Anchor Bay, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Mount Clemens, Muskegon, Port Huron, Rogers City, Sable Point, Saginaw Bay, St. Clair Shores, Tip of the Mitt

D/10 Central Wisconsin, Door County, Hiawatha Valley, Oshkosh

D/11 Kinzua, Mosquito Lake, New Castle

D/13 Arrowhead

D/14 Greenwich Bay

D/16 Olympia

D/17 Johnson City

D/19 Aroostook Valley, Lakes Region

D/20 Calumet, Chain-O-Lakes, Decatur, Illiana

D/21 San Antonio

D/22 Crystal River

D/23 Daytona Beach, Harris Chain, Ocala, Titusville

D/24 Kentucky Lake, Wabash Valley

D/26 Golden Corner Lakes, Lake Hartwell, North Strand

D/27 Cape Fear, Fort Macon, Kinston, New River

D/29 Fostoria

D/31 Grand Lake

D/32 Lower Columbia

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