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If you’re interested in making improvements at the squadron, district or national level, consider joining a planning committee.

If your squadron doesn’t have a planning committee or you just want to learn more about it, check out the national Planning Committee’s website, where you’ll find the newly revised Planning Committee Manual. In the Resources section, you’ll see an outline of our organizational beliefs, our national strategic plan and guidelines to help your squadron develop its own strategic plan.

Your national Planning Committee is making progress toward our vision of a great organization, not only for you but also for future members. We’re always looking to improve member benefits and increase our national advertising. Our committee members keep up with market changes and study current and future concerns. You’ve helped by sharing your ideas through surveys, questionnaires, open meetings and the online District Planning Network. One of the most important factors in planning is communication. The D/Plan/Net is one of the many ways that we listen to you.

Enthusiasm is a prime trait of planning committee members. Put your enthusiasm to work today by sharing your ideas for making USPS more member-friendly.

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