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23 Jan. 2007

Join us for the 2007 Annual Meeting

Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned supporter, the USPS 2007 Annual Meeting promises fun, adventure and a chance to meet fellow members from across the country. Held from 20 to 25 Feb. along the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Fla., the meeting provides a wealth of opportunities for members and their families.


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Ernie Marshburn


C/C Ernie Marshburn, SN, welcomes you to the 2007 Annual Meeting

Compass points the way

Welcome to Compass, your new pathfinder in the dynamic world of boating. The United States Power Squadrons, already a leader in boating education, skill development and safety, breaks ground with this electronic news source.

Known for its premier magazine, The Ensign, USPS recognizes that some information can’t wait and so designed Compass to fill the need.


Watch the Web-olution

Safety is no accident

The ad hoc Web Redesign Committee unveiled the new portal for the USPS website in 2006, but the work began much earlier.


Last year, a tragic series of fatal “accidents” hit inland Northwest boaters. However, only one of these tragedies can truly be deemed a chance accident ...


Hypothermia safety

Zine features USPS U

If your body’s core temperature falls below 96 degrees, it could signal hypothermia. A hypothermia victim may become bluish gray, shiver violently, develop muscle spasms and lose the use of arms and legs.


A new online magazine, Classic Yacht, debuted in December 2006 with a spread on USPS University and Boater Certification.

Look for more information and articles on USPS in upcoming issues. Subscriptions are free.



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Free books and brochures for USPS members

Raise one voice for safety

Trailer Boats’ Your Guide to Towing

Trailer Boats’ newly updated 52-page instructional booklet titled Your Guide to Towing is now available free of charge from USPS headquarters and Trailer Boats magazine.

Developed by the editors of Trailer Boats magazine in cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety, the 2007 booklet has been enhanced with new color photography and illustrations, as well as new chapters featuring advanced, heavy-duty towing techniques and tow ratings for 2007 pickups, SUVs and vans.


Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book

Squadrons on the Atlantic Coast can request free copies of the new 2007 Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book, a guide for East Coast boaters since 1875, for their Boat Smart students.

Once a squadron has an approximate count of students for these classes, a squadron officer should contact publisher Ridge White at 617-482-8460 for immediate shipment.


National Safe Boating Week
19 to 25 May 2007

How can we make the biggest impact on boaters’ safety in the upcoming boating season? We can speak with ONE Voice.

Here's how:

Use press releases and articles from the National Safe Boating Campaign press kit to place stories in local media.


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