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VOL. 11 NO. 6
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Lightning safety tips

Emergency procedures for lightning and thunderstorms

Lightning safety tips

The largest number of lightning deaths each year occur on or near the water, which makes boating, fishing and swimming the most common dangerous activities associated with lightning strikes.

If caught in the open during a thunderstorm and the hair on your head or neck begins to stand on end, go inside the nearest building immediately. Avoid metal objects such as railings, wires, steering wheels and masts.

If you’re stuck on your boat, get inside the cabin. If there’s no cabin or shelter, crouch down in the lowest possible spot and roll up in a ball with your feet on the deck or ground. Do not lie down.

If indoors during a thunderstorm, also avoid water. Stay away from open doors and windows. Hang up the telephone, and take off headsets because lightning striking electric and phone lines may induce shocks. Turn off and stay away from appliances, computers, television sets and power tools. Stay inside until the storm is over.

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