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VOL. 11 NO. 1
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Carbon monoxide dangers

10 things you can do to avoid CO poisoning

Carbon monoxide dangers
  1. Know where carbon monoxide exhaust outlets are located on your vessel.
  2. Become familiar with the symptoms of CO poisoning and where CO may accumulate.
  3. When docked or rafted with another boat, be aware of the other boat’s exhaust emissions.
  4. Visually verify that water flows from the exhaust outlet when the engines and generator are started.
  5. Listen for changes in exhaust system sound, which could indicate an exhaust component failure.
  6. Test each CO alarm by pressing the test button.
  7. Make sure all exhaust clamps are in place and secure.
  8. Look for signs of exhaust leaking from exhaust system components. Signs include rust or black streaking, water leaks, or corroded or cracked fittings.
  9. Inspect rubber exhaust hoses for burned, cracked or deteriorated sections. All rubber hoses should be pliable and free of kinks.
  10. Never swim off the stern platform while engines are running.

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