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VOL. 10 NO. 6
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Hurricane prep

Get your boat ready to ride out a storm

Rough weather on the water

As hurricane season starts up, every boater should get must-have pieces of hurricane prep gear.

Boats stored in slips
If you’re not in your marina’s “hurricane club” for priority haul-out service and all else fails, you may have to leave your boat in the slip. Keeping the boat “alive” during a storm requires a strong web of lines with plenty of chafe protection. Don’t skimp on either, as they are your primary line of defense.

Boats stored on land
In a storm, boats are more likely to survive if they are out of the water. That’s because when something goes wrong during a hurricane, boats left in the water are more likely to sink and end up as total losses. One of the most effective ways to protect your boat on land is tying down the boat while on jack stands to screwed-in anchors or fixed tie-downs. This works especially well for large sailboats that present a tall profile to the wind. Look for a marina with hurricane storage that offers this option, or talk to your marina about whether you can do it yourself.

All boats
If you don’t already have one, get a boat insurance policy designed to protect you in the event of a hurricane. It should include full salvage coverage, meaning separate salvage coverage up to the insured value of the boat that is in addition to any payments to fix the boat or replace equipment. A good hurricane policy also includes hurricane haul-out coverage and offers a high level of post-storm service from an insurer experienced in salvage.

For more on hurricane prep or to get an insurance quote from the BoatUS Insurance Program, go to
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