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VOL. 10 NO. 6
Take a class

High water alarm

Take precautions to prevent flooding

Fire extinguisher basics

A loud high water alarm can save your boat from sinking at the dock and prevent serious damage when underway. Damage from water incursion is the most frequent insurance claim for boats. Take steps to prevent your boat from being flooded.

Install the alarm with a high water sensor located several inches above the bilge pump float switch and wired with its own fuse directly to the battery terminal, not through the normal electrical distribution system. A worthwhile addition is to fasten a hook in or near the float switch that can be used to frequently test the whole switch and alarm system.

The alarm should be at least 100 decibels, loud enough to make it hard to ignore either underway or by a passerby at the dock. Parts can be found online and at your favorite marine supply shop.
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