Pack basket

An updated pack basket

Perfect for packing provisions

By Craig Crosby

Provisioning. The word alone can cause fear and loathing in every crew member.

ADK Packworks has developed a fantastic product to help make the job a whole lot easier. Inspired by a 150-year-old design, ADK Packworks has modernized the classic Adirondack pack basket with space-age materials and convenient ease-of-use features.

About the size of a standard paper grocery bag (15 inches x 11.5 inches x 8 inches), the Packbasket Grocer is made of tough 400-denier ripstop nylon. A lightweight internal frame and a hinged solid bottom keep the bag upright, independent of load, while allowing it to fold flat for easy storage.

An adjustable strap can be configured for a variety of carrying positions: two-handle tote, over the shoulder and backpack-style. The outer nylon shell can be easily removed for cleaning. It also includes a matching nylon cover. The optional cooler, available for $6, is ideal for transporting perishables.

The Packbasket Grocer is a product I thought I’d never need, but now I cannot live without it. I previously used inexpensive soft-sided reusable grocery bags, but they always fell over and couldn’t hold more than five items. Last weekend, I met some friends at the state park for a picnic. I filled the Packbasket Grocer with two 2-liter bottles of soda, hamburgers, hot dogs, rolls, chips, a bottle of wine, a six-pack of beer, paper plates, forks and other necessities. The walk from the parking lot to the picnic area was rather long, so I quickly switched the handles into a backpack, freeing my hands to carry two folding lawn chairs and an umbrella. The best part was that the bag’s internal frame kept the fresh rolls and potato chips from getting crushed. Before, my hands would have been full with five or six plastic grocery bags, and I would have had to make two trips.

A friend of mine always said, “Get the right tool for the right job!” The Packbasket Grocer by ADK Packworks fits the bill perfectly for transporting groceries or other small items. So the next time the skipper calls for volunteers to provision the boat, grab your Packbasket Grocer and volunteer.end of story



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